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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (or just Oswald for short) is an unfinished suit, and is an antagonist in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island. He was Walt Disney's first ever iconic Disney cartoon character, but was later replaced by Mickey Mouse. He later made a comeback as a main character in the game Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2.

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Oswald closely resembles his original Disney counterpart, except for the fact that he lacks arms. The reason for this, as explained by Lisa on Night 2, is because the suit was left incomplete before the arms could be applied to it.

All of his key features are there, such as his long ears, a pair of oval eyes, his rabbit tail, his nose and his overalls.

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Oswald rarely becomes active starting on Night 1. He starts in the Storage Room, where he can be clearly seen lying on he ground, and will stand before he exits the Storage Room. He can hide from the cameras like Photo-Negative Mickey. When he appears in the Office, he is seen next to the Treasure Island sign. His jumpscare is him simply jumping up, screaming loud.

Oswald has been known to speak in a very deep voice echoing throughout the island. He seems to move or about to move every time he does this, saying things like:

  • "Bless your soul..."
  • "Don't bless this one...."
  • "Have mercy on me please... I only ask for blessing..."
  • "God?... God?... God?..."
  • "God?... Where are you God?..."
  • "God?...Please listen to me."
  • "I know you're here, so, please bless me and help me out here."
  • "I only ask for this..."

However, he says different phrases in the remastered 3.0.

  • "Bless your soul..."
  • "Bless you..."
  • "Where are they?..."
  • "She's not happy..."
  • "Why did you forget me?"
  • "Why was I abandoned?"

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Oswald starts in the Storage Room, before standing up and moving to the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, the Lounge, and The Office.

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Oswald saying "Bless your soul".


Oswald saying "Don't bless this one".


Oswald saying "Have mercy on me please... I only ask for blessing".


Oswald saying "God? God? God?".


Oswald asking "God? Where are you God?".


Oswald saying "God? Please listen".


Oswald saying "I know you're here, so, please bless me and help me out here".