Information Edit

The Monitor is a key mechanic in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island. It allows the player to view the Suits throughout the facility on the 10 accessible cameras.

Gameplay Edit

The Monitor allows the player to track the movement and locations of the mascots throughout the facility. When a suit enters the player's the Office, the player must immediately open up the monitor and shut off one of the cameras (in the case of Donald Duck, they must shut off CAM 2 specifically) with SPACE. This causes a noise in the other room, which lures the mascot away. Failing to do this in time will result in the player's death. The camera will automatically turn back on after roughly 30 seconds.

Camera List Edit

  • CAM 1 - Staff Area
  • CAM 2 - Meat Freezer
  • CAM 3 - Character Prep 1
  • CAM 4 - Storage Room
  • CAM 5 - Bathroom
  • CAM 6 - Lounge
  • CAM 7 - Broadcasting Room
  • CAM 8 - Hallway
  • CAM 9 - Closet
  • CAM 10 - Roof

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